Thursday, June 5, 2014

10 things Thursday...

Wow, feels like forever since I put this list together.  So long, even, that I don't know who came up with this grand tradition!

Anyway, thanks to whoever gave us permission to string totally random thoughts together every Thursday....

1.  HOT (yes, I am thanks!) but I was referring to this GA heat!  I am still a little soft from my years in NC.

2.  I have not updated you on exercise since I fell off the blogging wagon.  Well, I fell (metaphorically) off the treadmill, too.  But for the last month, I have been trying to walk/run for 15 minutes daily.  I would give myself a b+ on frequency and a b on walk/run ratio.

3.  Today I added weights to work on my arms....ugh...pain...but I'm glad to be doing it.  The hand weights had been giving me dirty looks for weeks.  They are happy now to be dusted.

4.  I am starting to get the itch to go back to work.  Just not full time.  What do you guys suggest?  I have a strong background in business management, mostly manufacturing and love to decorate.  Weird combo

5.  I missed you guys.  I suddenly really want to know what is up with all of you this Summer.  So post something, please.  with splenda on top!

6.  Weigh day is back tomorrow.  Necessary evil, but evil, nonetheless!

7.  I got a new short hair cut....I have really been liking how easy it is.  My niece is in Paul Mitchell school and about to graduate with honors.  I get a new color and do every time I see her...LOL

8.  I called about a bariactric practice appointment about an hour from here....waiting for them to call me back.  I bet they like "new" patients better.  I am looking forward to meeting these folks, though.

9.  Except for the part where they look at me and call me a loser for gaining weight back (they won't do that will they???)

10.  What's up with all the sleeve talk?  I really hadn't heard much about it when I chose the band (it was new) so can some sleevester (is that what you call yourselves?) give me the skinny???

Happy Thursday!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Don't fall over...

Seriously, pick your jaw up off the floor and stop saying, "Tina, who??"  so rude!   :)

Remember me, the gal with the lap band and a move to GA and a Hubs and a Boy??  Well, I think I am ready to re-aquaint you with me and what is going on in my life.


No big news.  We moved, I gained wait while we spent last Summer looking for a house.  We found a house and I gained a few more pounds while I focused on settling in and getting my son off on the right foot in school (5th grade, first time in public school since he was home schooled).  I stopped blogging because I was gaining weight and didn't really want to talk about it (face it).  Well,

I am going to face it.  For the past few weeks I've been making a mental list of what I need to do.

Find a local band doc.  The options here aren't great, but I am determined to find one.

Dust off the plan.  We all know it works.  (track food, drink water, eat only when hungry...)

Own the fact that most of the things I put in my mouth have nothing to do with hunger and the band didn't "fix" that problem.

Start tracking my weight no matter what direction it is going in.

I hereby resurrect the Friday weigh in with a re-starting weight of 196.7.

Not where I want to be, but better than a few weeks ago when I nearly fell over after stepping up on the platform of doom (Mr Evil Scale)....I had reached 198.oh Hell No!

I really wanted to cry...where did that beautiful 168 go?  And so fast??  Seriously people, I was just so mad at me.  Why did 198 feel so much worse than the 195 I had lived with for most of the last 6 months??  I guess it was Waaaaaaaaay too close to being out of Onderland.  But honestly, I don't want to be in the 190s, 180s or 170s.  I liked the feeling of the 160s (however brief).

So, I still exercise.  But most of us know that the secret to weight loss lies primarily in what we choose to fuel ourselves with.  And on the subject of fuel...why does food represent so much more than fuel for me??

Answer that little riddle and I just may kiss you.

On the "what's been up?" front since I regularly blogged we threw our life into storage, moved to an apartment in Newnan, GA, then began our home search in Newnan, LaGrange and Peachtree City, GA.  We figured out that Peachtree City was where we wanted to be so with a renewed laser focused obsession, we bid on every house we liked.  And we kept getting OUT BID...seriously, where did that buyers market go??  So we moved to an apartment in Peachtree City (PTC) and Boy started school. We had him assessed at the pediatricians suggestion and he was diagnosed with Aspergers in addition to ADHD and "slow processing" disorder.  We really felt like we had the rug pulled out from under us (as well as a few aha! moments).  Boy was NOT prepared for the amount of change that came at him.  To make that story shorter, though, he came into his own about halfway through the year and the school gave us lots of "accommodations" and he ended up with straight A's.  We found our fave little house and began renovations.  Ran out of money (typical!) and are saving for the next projects (kitchen, doors and windows...)

So, you are up to date.  I am starting to read what is up with all of you...babies, and weight loss, and new boobs...OH MY!  LOL  I love feeling like I can come back to this group with some level of understanding and support and maybe a little  lot of accountability.

Happy Sunday, y'all

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to send you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

I have yet to fully develop a plan.  Holding relatively steady and looking forward to getting the Christmas cookies, chocolate and our traditional Christmas lasagne out of my sight!  ;/

Vowing to find a doctor in the first month of the new year.  It has been since last April and is high time for a little ass kickin!

I hope everything is going well for all of you during this special time of year.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Well, hello there!

I don't even know where to start.  I just know I need to start.  Blogging was essential to my success before.  It helped keep me focused and goal oriented.  Now, I am just living life.  I may bore you later with what all has been going on in Tina-land, but for now, I am going to just update you on the weight loss front.

I am at 181  That is up from my lowest of 176.  I am not happy about being up or not losing.  I let my 1 year bandiversary go by without even a notice.

I am not unhappy, though.  I am comfortable in my clothes and I have an average fitness level.  That is a dangerous place to be.  I am not as motivated and feel generally good in my skin.  BUT< Those feelings are NOT going to get me to my goal!

I need/want to lose the last 40 lbs.  I am not going to be able to do it without you or without a plan.

Stay tuned...I am going to develop a plan, share it with you, get your input and make it happen.  In the mean time, I am going back to basics...drinking water (hate it), eating protein first (doable) and sensible serving sizes (less easy).

Upcoming, I want to discuss fills and doc visits and support networks.

I just wanted to reach out again and tell you fine folks that I am coming back to the blogosphere!  :)  Missed you all!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I miss y'all

I miss our at least weekly, sometimes daily, chats.  I miss having time to read what is up with you...every time you post.  Not just here and there.  I feel so out of the loop.  I also have been equally unfocused on weight loss.  I weigh 175 pretty consistently now.  Not where I want to be but not higher despite spotty exercise and complete disregard to diet and "no snacks" rules. I guess I would say I am right where I deserve to be.

I have been picking back up with the treadmill running and outside walking about 3 times a week.  I am having some knee trouble, so I am taking it slow so I don't do real damage and hopefully build up some tolerance. I can still run a mile without stopping and that makes this 40+ year old happy.

As always, when I exercise, I always eat better.

So, on the home front....tile floors installed, fresh paint throughout, budget blown...wah, wah wah.... not fun.  I have a vision!  I had a plan!  but, alas, it isn't going to happen overnight.  everything is just plain more expensive than I remember.

Time to pull up my DIY sleeves and get busy!

I have been terrible about taking pics but will try to do a little better.  We are embarking on some bathroom reno, but when the quotes come in, I might have to be peeled from the floor.  It is NOT fun to share a bathroom with a 10 year old boy indefinitely.

My good friend from college is having a MS relapse.  It makes me terribly worried and sad.  She is a wonderful woman, mom and friend.  If you want to throw some thoughts or prayers her way, her name is Julie.  I really believe in the power of prayer.

I am wishing you all success and happiness even if I haven't had time to read or comment lately.